Evolving risks…New responses

The range and impact of geo-political and stakeholder risks around the world continues to grow in scope and complexity. The variety of risks is daunting: the rise of China; multiple challenges to the future of the European Union; the Middle East; terrorism; mass flows of refugees and migrants; the impacts and policy shifts from climate change; demographic trends; the failure to tackle inequality.  To this must be added three phenomena: the erosion of formal political structures; the way in which individual risks are combining and influencing each other; and the rapid world-wide flow of information.

Corporations and other organisations may look at all this and say it is just too hard to work out what it all means for them, falling back on reactive risk strategies or generic outsourced options That is not an adequate response.  To succeed in today’s world, companies need to challenge themselves on understanding the risk environment as it affects them, and to develop effective mitigation options.

Many advisory firms operate in this area.  The spectrum of specialist options is itself bewildering: strategy, security, risk, geo-politics, policy, regulatory, public affairs, communications, reputation, crisis management.     

Global Stakeholder Strategies (GSS) exists to help corporations manage this complex area with a focus on shareholder value, business risk mitigation, and embedding the necessary capabilities. The common thread is engaging successfully with the right range of stakeholders to understand, anticipate and manage external risks.

Its founder and managing director, Robert Court, brings a combination of:

  • 15 years experience with the British Diplomatic Service, including at the European Union and NATO in Brussels.
  • 15 years experience managing external and government affairs with two major multinationals in highly contested sectors – Rio Tinto (mining) and GlaxoSmithKline (pharmaceuticals).
  • A network of contacts with experience in all the main stakeholder groups (governments – international organisations – communities – civil society – media – influencers), specific types of risk, and various parts of the world.

Not only can successful organisations survive the current risk environment, they can become stronger by handling it well and secure competitive advantage.  Key to success is the ability to engage, listen and influence.

Contact Robert Court on robert.court@globalstakeholderstrategies or +44 7818 596095 to discuss how GSS can help your business to grow and protect value.